Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Red lipstick Galore

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when I say "Pin up make up" ? Red lipstick, of course :).

It's the epitome of glamour, femme fatale & empowered feminity. 

That's a statement color that you can see a lot on celebrities & catwalk but more than anything it's indissociable from the retro/pin up make up look :)

Red lips are my favorite. I like my make up to be bold yet elegant & this is the perfect way to add a pop of color & sexiness to a traditionnal vintage look. 

Being a "make up whore" (LOL) I collected quite an impressive amount of red lipticks over the years. 

Let me show you my current red lips collection ! ^_^

"Matte" lipsticks...without flash

"Matte" lipsticks...with flash

Intense colors with matte, opaque textures on the lips. Give that perfect retro look ! 

Here are swatches taken on my lips (with flash). I kept my make up to the minimum (powder, brows & mascara) so that you can focus on the lip color :).

Bright orangy red matte. Great with blue eyes & compliments warm skintones.

Bright "neutral" red, with matte yet gliding formula. Feels great & looks good on anybody but not the best staying power (mattene formula).

It's a cult lipstick. A favorite amongst vintage gals & there's a reason. Blue base bright red that works on most skintones especially fair to medium. Great staying power. Very true to color on pictures.

beautiful texture, medium matte bright cool red with a tad brighter than russian red.A very classic looking red. Would look good on anybody.

Mattene texture, semi matte & easy to apply. Rich red with a brown undertones. Would be flattering on olive & deeper skintones as well. Not as bright so good for everyday. Medium staying power.

Rich berry red with a touch of purple. Mattene texture. Darker cool base red, looks like a cherry. Works great with fair to medium skin & blue/green eyes. 


"Cream" red lispticks... without flash

 "Cream" red lipsticks... with flash

Intense & more subtle reds with a creamy opaque texture that gives a sheen to the lips. Great for evening look & for girls who find their lips too "thin" for matte colors.

Swatches on lips  :

Some people thinks that vintage red = matte. That's not always true ! Here is the perfect exemple with the fire & ice by Revlon which was created in 1952 & it's still the same formula that is sold today ! It's an insanely bright warm tone creamy red that has some coolness to it too... This color is incredible ! it's the brightest red I own & the super lustrous texture is my favorite ! I love that this is the real deal & a truly vintage red ! it feels moisturizing & light & the opacity is perfect. The wear isn't bad either. the "get noticed" red ! 

Bright amplified cream from Mac. Very classic bright neutral red with a luxurious finish. Nothing much to say except very good :).

If you're on a very tight budget this is the one you should get ! less then $6 on cherryculture.com. It feels almost like a balm because it's so lightweight & glides so easily. You can apply just a little for more of a stain or built up the color to obtain a very bright red !

 1951's Revlon's Certainly Red might be my all time favorite lipstick. You just cannot go wrong with certainly red. It's a little deeper than fire & ice, not cool tone but not warm tone either. The texture is beautiful, opaque & not too slippery. It stays on quite well & it's boyfriend's favorite ! :)

It's a lighter coverage warm tone red that looks lovely & sweet. It's a little less powerful red than the previous ones that makes it very wearable for day use. It's lightweight & has a nice sheen texture. 

I took a picture without flash because this one didn't show true to color with flashlight. It's a browny rose red color that is perfect for when you're not supposed to wear red lips but still want to :p ! It's great with a smoky eye make up look too !


Without flash

With flash

Those are all the reds whose color & texture are a little different than traditionnal ones.

Swatches on lips :

 Creamy texture bright red that looks a little like Rockocco from mac but with a slightly lighter color. It comes in a convenient  compact with matching gloss. Love  the color & texture but not really the smell.

Creamy brown red lipstick in a compact with matching gloss. It's a nice wearable brick brown color with a good texture but I don't think it works for me :( Don't wear this too much.

Very translucent lipstick that gives a deep rosy red stain. Glossy texture. I find it super cute & fun to wear when you don't want your lips to be loud but still reddish :).

Creamy classic berry red by Mac. Good opaque texture with a creamy sheen. Not too bright so works great as everyday red in my opinion :).

Beautiful frosty red with a metallic sheen.It's more of a nightime/fancy red. This would be a great holiday red ! ;) The frost is much more visible in real life.

Frosty red with a brown undertone & gold/coppery metallic sheen. I love the color which I think would be great for deeper skintones but I find the texture not as good as Queen's sin. 


I hope you enjoyed my red lipstick galore review ! 

What is/are YOUR favorite red lipstick(s) ? & why !? 



  1. Oh I want all that Mac lipsticks!! I m strange to myslef when I don't wear red lipstick :)

    1. Can I just say your look is sick. What mascara did you use in this post and can you tell me where your frames are from?


  2. Red is my favorite but I also really like old pink for everyday, hot bright pink & Coral/peach for summer ! ^_^

    I loooove lipstick ! so much fun to wear :)

    kiss !

  3. Thanks for the post. My favorite lipstick is MAC Russian Red. I love, love, love MAC cosmetics.

    Miss Stacy Blaise

    1. Me too I'm a great fan of Russian Red :)

      But now that I've tried the Revlon's certainly red and fire&ice I must say these are beginning to be my favorite because they perform equally as great as my Mac creams... but are only $8 !

  4. I am quite a make up fanatic my self and oh boy do I have a large collection of red lipstick. I have Russian Red in both a matte and a lip gloss and I absolutely adore the color. My most gone to color is MAC cremesheen in Brave Red, its also my most recommended color. For a more warm undertone I go for Kat Von D's classic Stiletto. For a more rosey color try Kat Von D's Foiled Love Lipstick in Beranice. And My choice for a brick red color is Elizabeth Arden in Lush Red

    1. Thanks Deanne for your awesome recommendations !

      Honnestly I have SO MANY lipsticks & lipglosses than I hardly buy anything new these days... I'm glad I did with the Revlon because they became my favorite & are pretty cheap & the most authentic 50s colors <3

      I'm really tempted to buy one from Besame cosmetics just because the tube is so vintage looking & pretty but they're super small & very pricey... :s

    2. Yea same here but I have a feeling that it would end up being so worth it! Maybe Santa will get us each one ;)

    3. That would be neat ^_^

      I really wanna try Guerlain rouge G too... in color garçonne & gigolo... these look like pure luxury for the lips & I love guerlain's products candy violet scent... :)

      I've seen that there's an Estee Lauder one that looks pretty vintage... I've gotta check it out too ! :)

      Oh god... so many gorgeous things to buy... so little money :s haha