Saturday, December 29, 2012

Latest goodies from PUG clothing

I love PUG clothing upcoming style section the most from the website !

I find myself constantly drooling over the newest styles !

While it's definitely not good for my wallet it does fill my little heart with warm girly dreams & irresistible clothing envy !

The upcoming style I've been the most excited about was the Deadly Dames haunted housewife dress in vintage roses print modeled by the utterly gorgeous Micheline Pitt...

From the moment I saw that picture in the coming soon section I knew I had to get it ! So I indeed subcribed to recieve an "alert" as soon as it would be available :)

I was so sooo excited that I ordered it the day it was in stock ! I got it along with another dress I've been wanting for some time, a top, a belt & a lipstick ;). 

This order was the FASTEST delivery I ever experienced ! I mean I got my packaging before I got the email telling me my order shipped LOOOL ! 

Here are my pics of my newest goodies !(all SMALL) : 

Deadly Dames Haunted Housewife in vintage rose print

This dress is as beautiful as I expected it to be & to be honest I had very high hopes ! The promo picture is a little misleading in the fact that you could expect a "shinier" texture, which looks matte & therefore less "evening like" in real life. The fabric is a very soft, kinda thick high quality cotton sateen which looks & feels lovely on the skin. If you're into floral prints (I'm almost a fetishist)I can just tell you that the rose print is TO DIR FOR. Period. I looove the collar & elbow lenght sleeves & the matching fabric covered belt. The hemline lenght is perfect & the skirt is very full which I adore. I found the sizing to be on the bigger side compared to my other PUG swing dresses. I'd say I'm on the larger scale of Small & I still had a little room at the waist & breast area. Definitely size down if you are in between. I don't know what to tell more except I'm crazy about this dress which is now one of my all time favorite ! 

Absolutely ADORE the cute little skulls on each sleeves ! 


The Erin style seems to be a favorite amongs wiggle fans (I'm more of a swing kinda girl) so I decided to give it a go. I choose the berry color because well...I LOVE pink !
OMG this dress is SO stretchy ! It's incredible ! The bengaline fabric is very very high quality... thick & curve hugging. I'm always concerned about not feeling comfortable in a wiggle dress because I HATE tightness around my tighs/bum area. I'm so glad I got the erin because it's very very pleasant to wear even for me ! The strechy fabric doesn't put too much pressure on the tighs & as you can see on the pic I'm able to move my legs freely !I love the lengh & it shows just a nice amount of cleavage without looking "indecent". I LOVE the color ! It's a little deeper than the pic on the website... it's really a hot pink with a sligtly purple tinge, a rich magenta. It's definitely on the super stretchy side so size down, especially if you have a small waist ! It's a very easy to wear, sexy style that I see myself wearing a lot ! I want to get the plum one now ! :)

Pairing the Erin with the white vinyl belt I also got in my order 


I now that yellow is one of those color you just love or hate so I'm aware some people might find it awful haha ! I used to be a  (fake) blonde when I was younger & I found yellow horrible on me but having dark auburn henna dyed locks for many years made me change my mind ! I think it's very cute especially during summer when you have a little tan ! It's a lively, happy color that can brighten your look & make you appear younger if used wisely. I love to pair yellow wth black for a striking look but I also love to pair it with pure white, purple, pink & blue. I'm really into the 50s so I love to go a little technicolor mad sometimes ! Nothing much to say except this shirt's cut is absolutely great. It's the same as the pink one I got from my black friday haul. Good thing is it's not as see through as I would think because I'm wearing a black bra under & it's impossible to tell ! 


I hope you enjoyed my review ! 



  1. Beautiful. Looks like you were a good girl and santa was good to you.

    Miss Stacy Blaise

  2. I like the Rose print a lot more now knowing that it isn't shiny :) It does look shiny in the pictures on the website and I wasn't a fan. I'm always looking for more casual day dresses because so much of what I have is dressy, I need more dresses for daily wear. I love the other haunted housewife dresses, the shape is fabulous, I may have to get this one now. You aren't helping my PUG addiction...enabler!