Saturday, December 1, 2012

PUG black friday haul review !

Black friday was a week ago. Like many PUG (Pin Up Girl clothing) fanatic I was eagerly waiting for this sale ! 

I was a little disappointed that some articles of my wishlist (which is far too long) weren't eligible for the coupon (*cough*vamp top) but many of them were so I snatched as many as I could ! 

I'm extremely happy with everything I got but unfortenately the long desired Mon Cheri mauve dress was too small for me. If someone's interested in buying it please contact me :).

Everything I got is in size Small with the exception of Deadly Dames Victorian rose pencil skirt & Deadly Dames red capris which are Medium.

Without further ado... behold my massive black friday PUG haul :D! 

Ginger dress in Pin Up print

The print designed by the talented Micheline Pitt is absolutely gorgeous ! The little cartoony pin up girls are extra cute & I adore the lace at the bottom of the skirt. I love the white front & the modest neckline which makes it a dress suitable for any summery event. The fabric has a nice weight to it, feels a little stiff but I assume it's because it's new & hasn't been worn/washed yet :). My boyfriend (who takes the pics) loves it :D !

Evelynn dress in yellow/black floral print

The Evelyn has found its way to my heart as soon as I saw it... I love the "DeeDee" feel with the deeper cleavage design. I find the pleated bodice with the squarish neckline super flattering. The white/yellow & black color scheme looks fantastic. It's not plain yellow & black there are shades of gold & grey in it too. I feel so very Betty Draper in it :). 

Here's a little "fun" pose with the matching bolero & some cheap cateye sunglasses I got from Asos.


Birdie 3/4 sleeves in royal blue 

This dress makes me feel so classy. The color is the most striking shade of royal blue I've ever seen ! It's an outstanding color & the sheen of the satiny fabric makes it even more beautiful. The fabric has a nice & heavy, luxurious feel. It's on the warm side which makes it a great dress for cooler months formal events. The shawl collar is very elegant. I wished the sleeves had a slightly tighter fit on me but it's just a tiny detail. This dress is definitely high class & not for everyday :)


Luscious in Mint (mira the mermaid)

I'm a little worried the picture doesn't do justice to the mint luscious at all. I'm more than delighted about it ! I LOVE evrything about it ! It's the comfiest dress I've ever own & that matters a lot to me because finding clothes that have comfort AND cuteness for everyday life is sometimes kind of a challenge. Out of the 4 dresses I got, this is probably the one I'll be wearing the most because it feels like wearing a night gown & boy do I like staying in my PJs sometimes :p ! The fabric is a heavy extra SOFT cotton jersey that's perfectly opaque & delightful on the skin. The mint color is super cute & much brighter than on my pic. The mermaid embroidery is very well made & pretty. I want to get the navy one now :p !


Doris skirt in atomic turquoise & Deadly Dames dolly top in white

The atomic turquoise doris (like the black one I already own) is nothing more that the perfect full skirt. You see I'm a little of a swing skirt fiend & wearing this one makes me feel like I just stepped out of the 1950s & I'm waiting for my DeLorean ride back :p ! This skirt is insanely bright & the designs are super vintage novelty print looking ! It has bright coral, yellow & purple in it which makes this skirt eligible to go with any of previously named colored top. 

The Deadly Dames Dolly top in white is a cute & versatile top for casual days. I love the frilly bits on the front along with the contrasting black buttons & slightly puff sleeves. The fabric is a medium/heavy weight cotton jersey that is super soft. It's better to wear a flesh or white bra under this (which I don't have yet). Will go with pretty much any skirt I own :).


Doris top in baby pink & Deadly Dames pencil skirt in victorian roses

I'm so happy I "forced" myself to get this victorian rose pencil skirt ! I always feel a little intimidated by pencil skirts because I'm scared of loosing my ease of movement, walking silly & feel like I'm wearing a girdle. Because this has no stretch I'm glad I size up & M is definitely the right size for my hips & full derriere :). The color & design is so much more vibrant than on the website's pic... it's beautiful, romantic & dainty.I love that it's fully lined with a soft fabric & the quality feel of cotton sateen. 

First time I tried the doris top on in a Montreal retro clothing shop, I was super disappointed it didn't work as I hoped. The fit was great from the front BUT I had a massive amount of "excess" fabric wrinkling at the back just under the collar. Because it was tight enough everywhere else I assumed it was badly designed. Because I loved the shirt on everybody but me I decided to give it another go with the black friday sale so that I didn't spent too much on it if it didn't work. Got the pink because every girl needs a pink top & it would match the victorian rose skirt I was eyeing. When I tried it on I had the same problem as the first time at the beginning. I felt sad... but after fex minutes of "moving" in it it started to fit good... & then GREAT ! I am SO happy I gave it another shot ! It's the sexiest shirt I've ever own boy look at that cleavage ! :p Planning on getting more !

here's a close up of the Doris top in pink 

Deadly Dames psychobilly halter top in black & deadly dames capris in red

This is the last outfit I'm going to show you & I couldn't be happier about these items. I'm by no mean a pant girl. When I'm not wearing a dress or a skirt, I'm most likely to be found in leggings or sweatpants if at home LOL. Believe it or not, I'm in love with the deadly dames red Capris ! Not only these are comfier than I thought (thanks that I got a M & these havea good amount of stretch)but they look HOT ! by hot I mean Cry Baby's Tracy Lord's Wanda HOT :p !I love the back zipper makes my derriere look A-to the-MAZING ! Love the high waist & the loops. The fabric is great quality bengaline that's not scratchy. I'm planning on getting the black one !

The psychobilly halter top looks like it was meant to be worn with the capris & that's a good thing because I bought them for that purpose :). LOOVE the little collar (which cannot be seen well because of my hair)& the skull brooch ! It gives a nice cleavage & looks totally badass ! I'll be getting the white psychobilly halter dress as soon as I can :p !

Having a little fun with posing :)

Close up view of the top & its brooch :)


Hope you enjoyed ! ^_^

Think I'm a PUG addict for life now :p !



  1. The pieces are just lovely. The Ginger and Licious dress must be my favorite. Now, you need to plan some elegant evenings out to show off your new pieces.

    Miss Stacy Blaise

    1. Thank you ! :)

      The blue birdie I'll definitely we wearing to a more formal event but all the other pieces will be suitable for day wear as well. that's why I'm so happy with my order, They're not gonna sleep in my closet waiting for teh right occasion :)

      The luscious is definitely gonna be the one I'll be wearing the most because it's such a "no brainer" casual type ^_^


  2. I really can't say what I like the most when all is so so good!

    1. Me neither :D !!! so happy about everything ! :))