Monday, November 19, 2012

Take care of your hair !

As a friend of mine suggested...I thought it would be a good idea to do a blog post about tips on haircare ;).

As long as I can remember I always had a "love/hate" relationship with my hair. When I was a little girl it was very very long (at my tailbone) & I liked the lenght but I didn't like it's light brown dull color.Back in my teenage days I did many experiments with it... I was super light blonde... had highlights...had long & dark... purple/black & short... to finally fall in love with Red & never go back. 

I had bettie bangs which were cute but I wanted some change & shave half of my head(yep ! LOL). I finally sported a pixie cut for more than a year before deciding to let it grow again (mostly to please my boyfriend back in the time haha ^_^).

Now, before leting grow my pixie to the lenght I am today (2 inches past shoulders), I didn't really took good care of my hair. I used the harsh & full of chemicals drugstore shampoos/conditionner. I always had tangles & split ends & it didn't look healthy overall. 


Let's describe my hair type : 

I have babyfine & thin hair... & I don't have "a whole lot" of it. Other than that it's not very dry, not very oily either BUT due to their "thinness" it does get flat quite quickly when it starts to be dirty. On the positive side, it's straight, soft, shiny(thanks to henna ^_^)& dries super quick.


About 2 years ago I decided to switch to organic/natural haircare products & I'll never go back :). Sodium Laureth Sulfates, Dimethicone etc are way too abrasive & harsh for hair & I feel that something used in kitchen cleaning products & car polish(yup check it out)shouldn't be used on your head. I also love the "old" feel of using natural products... just like our grandmas & great grandmas used to do & they had greater hair than most women nowadays.


Onto what I use to clean my hair:) 

This is hands down, the BEST shampoo I've ever used. Well... I say shampoo but this is basically an organic soap, with hair "conditionning" ingredients. If you read the ingredients list you'll see that there are abslutely NO chemicals/synthetics stuff in it. How cool is that ?! It also has coconut milk which is excellent for nourishing the hair & promote a healthy grow. Women living the pacific islands know this natural beauty secret for ages. If you expect this to act like all the shampoos you've used before then you're gonna be pretty astonished because it's nothing like. It can be a bit tricky at first for your hair to adjust to the use of "soap" as shampoo but once it does you're gonna be amazed by how clean, soft & thicker your hair will feel. Because it's a "soap" it can leave a "residue" on your hair that doesn't feel too nice but as long as you use what follows you have nothing to worry about ;) 

Yup. Plain Apple Cider vinegar :)the same one you find at your local grocery store !

Follow the path of your grandmas & use 2 to 3 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar diluted in a cup of warm water(250ml)as the final rince after you shampooed.
Since I've started to use this after my Coconut milk soap/shampoo, I NEVER felt the need to use conditionner anymore to detangle my hair after I washed it. The comb literally slides in my hair !!!
It makes the hair SUPER shiny, smooth, takes away soapy residues & also neutralizes the calcium deposit of tap water that can leave the hair looking dull... 
The only downside is : yes your hair will smell of vinegar afterwards :) but it will go away when it's dry. 
THIS is really a miracle product & it works wonder for me ! If you don't have apple cider vinegar you can use white vinegar or even wine vinegar (carefull if your hair is very light though..)
It's amazingly cheap so just give it a try ;)


What I use to deep condition/moisturize my hair :


Chagrin Valley Soap "Cocoa Butter hair balm"

This is an organic cocoa butter that you use as a pre shampoo treatment on both your hair & scalp if you need it. Warm it with your hands so it melts & apply easily through your hair. I use this mainly on the lenght where my hair is the driest & most prone to damage. I leave it on for at least 30 minutes & then I shampoo as usual. In addiction to smelling devine it does also a fantastic job nourishing the hair & getting rid of dryness. I know it's great for girls with "ethnic" hair types because it makes it smoother & more manageable. If your hair is really dry you can use this in between shampoos as a "serum". 

Aroma-Zone organic Monoï oil 

(I'm usind a french brand here but any organic monoï or coconut oil will do the trick)

This as been used forever by women all over pacific islands & india to deep condition the hair. Coconut oil (monoï is just coconut oil with tiare flower in it)is known for making the hair stronger & activate growth. For me it's the best way to treat hair dryness, damage, & keep it healthy. I basically use this just like the cocoa butter hair balm sometimes I even combine the 2 just for fun. It's a very nourishing oil,  rich in good fatty acids. Personnaly I love smell of coconut... It reminds me of summer ...beach cocktails ^_^ Don't put too much at a time or you might have a hard time washing it all off & nobody wants to have oily hair right after a shampoo :D !


Organix "coconut milk instant repair treatment"

A little less "green" than what I previously told you about but still green enough for me to use regularly.
I came accross this product at my local store & I was curious about the "coconut milk" title but I'm pretty sure you've already figured I was a coconut freak ! LOL
What I really like is that it's a PROTEIN treatment as it contains egg white. It's known to repair the hair shaft & make it strong. As my hair is really delicate & thin that's always something I'm looking for. It's a lightweight cream texture that you use like a regular conditionner right after shampoo for 3/5 minutes. It smells gorgeous & makes me hair super extra soft so I'm happy about it :). 


I was planning to talk also about hair styling products but I decided the post would be too long & that styling products/tips deserve a full post of their own.  

Instead I wanna share my thoughts on a product that I just discovered recently but which I couldn't leave without anymore !

Klorane "oat milk dry shampoo"

Now this is what I call a staple ! It's literally a miracle product for thin/flat haired ladies like me. 
Like I told you my hair isn't "oily" but it does show oil quite fast because it's so thin it becomes "deflated" as soon as it's no longer squeaky clean. 
This dry shampoo isn't meant to replace a regular shampoo & If you use it on this purpose you'll be quite disappointed. If you're hair is really dirty well there's nothing much you can do to fix it except a nice a good wash ! 
I use this in between shampoos to give my hair a boost & prolong the style. 
It keeps the dirty looking hair at bay for 1 or 2 days more so I only shampoo every 4 days when using this !
Spray it lightly on your roots, wait for 2/3 minutes & then brush it out so the excess powder doesn't shox on you hair. 
It comes out white so may be not suitable for super deep black hair but mine is a dark auburn & it's been fine so far. 
I lovetat whenever I use this... my roots are lifted from my scalp which is very rarely the case for me ! LOL. It also kills the unwanted greasy shine at your roots & makes your hair smell fresh ! 
i think it's great when you're travelling & have to keep your hair looking nice & clean. 
I picked this one because the ingredient list didn't seem too harmfull & I'm definitely glad I did because according to what I've read about it it's the best in its category ! ^_^
It's a little pricy though as it's a french product, especially if you live overseas like me, but definitely worth it ! 


To finish this article... Few HAIR TIPS

  • wash your hair the least possible
It needs its natural oil to protect the scalp from external agressions so don't strip it too much & too often. 
  • detangle you hair before whashing it 
to prevent big knots formation & you don't need to wash the dead ones :)
  • When you wash it, don't "pile" it on your head
As this is what causes the most knots...

  • deep conditionning treatments are to be used regularly
10 minutes of oil treatment each week is more efficient than 1 hour once a month... 

  • trim it rugularly ESPECIALLY if you hair is long
taking an inch off every season is good

  • Split ends can only be fixed by scisors
Once it's too damage it has to go. Don't trust the "split end repair" products it's just stealing your money... you can prevent it by taking good care of your hair & trim it often.

  • Don't use hot styling tools everyday
try to avoid blow drying/flat ironing/curling with an iron as much as you can. This is what causes the most damage to your hair. Really.

  • Love your hair ! 
Especially if you chemical treat it (color/perm/etc...)Be good to your hair & it'll behave ! ^_^ Treat it bad & you all know what happens... LOL 


Hope it was helpfull ! I'll be back very soon with many tips & reviews ! ;)



  1. I'm constantly frustrated by my also baby fine hair (which i don't have much of either) I've never even heard of a lot of these products or thought of most the other half, but your hair looks amazing and I honestly wouldn't have thought you had similarly fine hair from looking it your photos so these products must be doing something right!

    1. Oh my hair is really super super fine !!! when I don't curl it I have virtually NO VOLUME/thickness at all whatsover so that's why like doing my pin curls it gives my hair body & bounce ^_^

      As for the product, I'm pretty sure they are quite "confidential" but I can assure you that they saved my hair ! I don't have the best quality hair you know... it breaks easily & all... but by using all natural products I found they felt a lot more happier... closer to the texture they had when I didn't have done any chemical colors yet :).

      I can't recommand this website enough... it's my fave products !

      They're not very expensive so if you're curious it might be worth a shot ! :)


  2. Thanks so much for sharing your hair routine! Very helpful!


    1. Hi Rebecca !!! thank you so much !!! ^_^ I'm glad you found this helpfull :)

      I just checkout your blog it's amazing ! I love your outfits ! especially the burgundy one ! :)))


  3. Thanks for this post! I think I'm going to purchase some of these! xxx

    1. Great sweetie I'm so glad !

      Ask me if you need some advice on the organic product line "Chagrin valley" becauseI've tried many stuff in their hair care line ! ;) !


  4. It's been a year since im using it. Good product.

    gray hair